Does your store have birds flying around inside, dropping feces all over, tearing the grass seed bags apart, dropping down from the roof area and eating food on display?

If that is happening at your location, how do you get rid of them?

Up until now the only options have been, shooting with pellet guns and trapping with mist nets.

None of these options are;

1. Legal.

2. kind to animals.

3. cost effective; especially if there is a need to close the store.

4. Good for public opinion.

5. They don't totally get rid of all the birds all the time.

Now there is a option that is all these 5 things.

It runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, nobody knows its there, the birds just exit the building on their own unharmed, not even frightened.

Thanks to the; "magic bird box".

Patent pending device makes the bird simply choose to leave. All natural, animal friendly, legal and cost effective.

When the traditional methods are used, the mist net goes up, after the store is closed, people run around and try to scare the birds to fly into the net. Well, some hide and don't get removed. If a bird flies in ten minutes or ten days later, that bird and the accumulating birds are still inside until they come back to shoot or net again. If they are shooting with pellet guns, you have to close the store. They may also damage lighting or product from shooting.

The magic bird box removes the bird right away, all the time, so there are simply no birds in the store.

Give me a call to get a demonstration of this magic device.

Duke Dorner


There is a device for bridges as well.

The damage to a bridge from feces, does cost millions.

Repainting and steel repair, traffic delays, can be belayed by many years.

How much will this save your agency?

Does your store have a bird problem inside or outside the building? has a patent pending device that stops your problems. It does this legally and humanly. As well known to store owners and managers, opinion by the public, as to animal rights, can be a real issue, not only in relation to public opinion but also legal concerns as to protected specie and laws around shooting and or mist netting.

Does your store have a loading area of home and garden products that looks like this?

Not only could this be an L+I issue for your employees, it does not seem that this is stimulating sales of those paver blocks.

If your office building, hospital, retirement home, mall, or any other large public building has feces like this accumulating in or around the air conditioning / heating equipment, it could be developing the Legionella virus, Aspergillosis spores, or other mold and spore related diseases.